Dear Cca…

In a few more hours, you’ll be off to some place called Hijrah. I know you don’t like Hijrah but still, there’s nothing you can do.

In this three months that you’ll be away, I will be missing you. All of us here, in fact. Excluding Esther Esther will miss you as well.

I’ll be missing you for many many reasons. Here’s some of it from the top of my head.

Nobody to eat rojak with me. Nobody to watch horror movies with me. Nobody play piano with me. Nobody to sing with together. Nobody to bath with together. Nobody to sleep with at night.

I’ll miss bathing and sleeping with you most. 😛
Cca, you take care.


Ps: Can I not send you off? It’s too early in the morning. Please??

Pss: Don’t get pregnant over there! Serious.



2 thoughts on “Dear Cca…

  1. First – I’m not dying. You said it as if i’m dying
    Second – People please, we don’t bath together in the same bathroom. (separate bathroom!)
    Third – Do you know how to resize the pic? My face looks squared instead of the normal one
    Fourth – If you don’t come, you’ll get it.
    Fifth – I’m too young to get pregnant. And guys are awkward to be with =p

  2. Ur msg sounds like she is having a deadly disease….
    When YOU go HIJRAH…she also didn’t leave you that KIND OF MSG ler….Pity bec…. Hahaha!!!
    Anyway, there’s a TRUTH IN YOUR MESSAGE….
    “DON’T GET PREGNANT THERE!!!” hahahah!

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