Three Years

Three years ago, we looked like this…




The pictures were taken after SPM and a few days before I left for National Service. I don’t think anyone remembered those pictures at all!

Fast forward three years, we look like this…


This is supposed to be the funny face pose, but somehow…

Thanks, Esther!



Looking forward for our next gathering. In the meantime,

Take care you guys!




I like to buang air besar. It’s a relieve. Literally!

I used to not buang air besar for one week. Air besar just wouldn’t come out. I wasn’t worried at first because I didn’t care. I actually thought of it as a waste of time. Sitting in the toilet, waiting for air besar.

But then, stories of people dying because of not buang-ing air besar for 3 days spooked me. In Raub alone, in that month there were 2-3 news of people dying because of that.

Buang air besar is serious matter! I’ve learnt my lesson.

I like to buang air besar!



Wouldn’t want to die because of  taik toxicity

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Every year at around this time, I’m stuck at shop to help mum and dad again. I don’t mind helping out but there’s two things that I really really cannot stand.

First is, the song played in the shop. We only have one Chinese New Year CD, from around 1997 if I’m not mistaken. This whole CD is played more than ten times each day. I told dad to get new CD. He never listens.

Second thing is, people who still shop at 11-12pm. Stupid people. And people who comes at 9-10pm on Chinese New Year’s eve. Stupid stupid people.

Bex is coming home tomorrow. Mum has already planned to cook really nice food for her. Yum yum!

Happy Chinese New Year!


Can’t wait to wear new clothes XD

Finger Licking Good?

The class today was Food Microbiology. For that one and a half hour, I only learnt one new thing.

10­8 viruses per g of feces.
A food handler did not wash his hands after using the washroom. A 0.01g piece of feces was trapped under a fingernail. If 108 viruses were present per g of feces, can you imagine the number of virus particles present under his fingernail?

Puts a new perspective on “Finger Licking Good” eh?


I have always love Mentos. No, no…  I adore Mentos! Adoreee that damn chewy dragees ever since I can remember.

mentos SourMix


Mentos has come out with this Mentos SourMix. It has three sour-y flavours. Grape, green apple and pineapple. I am currently very addicted to it. I’ve bought three sticks of Mentos SourMix in the past 2 days. I finished all of them in under an hour *insert gasps* I’m bound to have diabetes soon. =P

Now, I hate pineapples. It give me headaches. It seems weird, I know, but they do give me headaches.


Here come’s the question of the day…

How many pineapple dragees are in a stick of Mentos SourMix?


Here’s a clue. Count the yellow mentos. Imagine me putting them inside one by one… and you get?


M O R E   T H A N   H A L F   A   S T I C K   ! ! !





Alert! A very long post.

The last time I was really productive was during the SPM examination period.

During that time, I have very hardworking classmates. They were so hardworking that I felt ashamed reading the newspaper in classroom. That is the effect they had on me :0

And thus, I pretended to study when I was actually day dreaming. That, pretending-I am-very busy-because-I-am-very-hardworking, lead me to actually studying. Gosh, you won’t believe how long I spent preparing to face SPM. Three months! The exam period itself was about one months. That is a total of four months.

Four months spent locked up in room, airconditioner switched to 25 degree Celcius from 2.30 p.m – 6 p.m and memorizing facts I know won’t be useful after the exam.

Seriously, that four months was hell for me. I couldn’t do anything else except studying without feeling guilty. Couldn’t rest or relax, couldn’t watch tv, couldn’t anything!

Up till today, I have a fear of studying. I get all panicky and anxious when exam is around the corner.

Sometime last year, I had a stupid. In the dream, I was supposed to be sitting for Pendidikan Moral exam in two hours’ time. I know that I’ve finished high school but for some unknown reason I still have to sit for the exam. Thing is, I forgot all my 21 moral values. Is it 21? Or 20? I don’t know, who cares!! And so I sit there, staring at the question paper and started rambling about kepercayaan kepada Tuhan. Every answer to every question was about kepercayaan kepada Tuhan. Haha, that’s the only nilai moral I remember. The first ones always gives the most impression.

I guess my point is… I need help! Serious counselling and a doraemon.

This semester will be challenging. I’m not sure I am ready for third year subjects. Everyone else seems to be at a fast pace, so sure, so confident and so well prepared. Me on the other hand, the total opposite. I seem to be lagging behind, barely able to grasp, to understand what’s happening around me.

“I feel like I’m moving in slow motion. Like I’m moving in slow motion and everything around me is moving so fast”

I am study-phobic. Studyobic. Or stuhobic. Stobic. Geez, I am just stubic.

I need help! Serious counselling and a doraemon.


I hate spam. I get spam text messages every week. WITHOUT FAIL.

Dapatkan gambar dan video rahsia Zura di bilik hospital, tepi taman, pantai. Pasti syok!

Minat video cpli hebatku yang PANAS? Cepat taip ON NI dan hantar ke $%^#. Jangan biar saya menungu, yang.

S E R I O U S L Y   H A T E   S P A M ! ! !

I don’t need to know what “Zura” is doing in bilik hospital or tepi pantai. Seriously! It’s not like I’m some kind of pervert.

Okeeeyy, I’m imagining stuff now. And… it’s not pretty. I see two people. I think they are… half naked?!

Urgh, I got to stop it.

N O W ! !