Broke but Happy

Started off the new year by being broke. Broke from all the present buying for Christmas.

And really really broke because of this;

 The LG Cookie. Got it yesterday at Midvalley. I am delightfully happy with the phone. Responsive and slim. The slimest of all my handphones. It’s red too! It’s red! No complains, one of my favourite colour.

 This is the closest I will ever get to an iPhone. That darn iPhone is so out of budget.

The most expensive and certainly yummy cookie. Cost me just RM 899. Comes with 3.2 mega pixels, 3″ full touch screen, accelerometer and all the function my W810i has. Got used to the interface after one hour using it.


On another note, new semester began last Friday but didn’t bother to attend. My first day of class today, I don’t have the Monday blues. Things are pretty good at the moment. Classes are all at 8.30 a.m but I’m giddily happy to complain.

Finally saw Yes Man to fill in the five hours break before my next class. Hilarious, somehow I wish I was in his shoes. Saying yes to everything and living in the moment. I do have to say one thing. Jim Carrey is getting old; and its showing. Went grocery shopping and had a RM 20++ McDonald’s for dinner. All on the first day. Definitely broke.

Things are pretty good at the moment. I’m giddily happy. Hope this feeling last.


4 thoughts on “Broke but Happy

  1. hey, this phone is superb… i saw the ad and i love it… in fact i think it worth better than iphone… a lot of iphone feature can’t be used here in m’sia anyway… good pick! my friend wanted to get it but he’s overspent… lucky you! balik nanti must show me… hehehe

  2. OMG, I miss Ren & Stimpy!! Happy happy joy joy!

    Hey Soo Khoon, yeah don’t worry. I will definitely show you. Show off banyak banyak! Sape suruh cuti banyak?! Padan!

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