I hate spam. I get spam text messages every week. WITHOUT FAIL.

Dapatkan gambar dan video rahsia Zura di bilik hospital, tepi taman, pantai. Pasti syok!

Minat video cpli hebatku yang PANAS? Cepat taip ON NI dan hantar ke $%^#. Jangan biar saya menungu, yang.

S E R I O U S L Y   H A T E   S P A M ! ! !

I don’t need to know what “Zura” is doing in bilik hospital or tepi pantai. Seriously! It’s not like I’m some kind of pervert.

Okeeeyy, I’m imagining stuff now. And… it’s not pretty. I see two people. I think they are… half naked?!

Urgh, I got to stop it.

N O W ! !


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