I have always love Mentos. No, no…  I adore Mentos! Adoreee that damn chewy dragees ever since I can remember.

mentos SourMix


Mentos has come out with this Mentos SourMix. It has three sour-y flavours. Grape, green apple and pineapple. I am currently very addicted to it. I’ve bought three sticks of Mentos SourMix in the past 2 days. I finished all of them in under an hour *insert gasps* I’m bound to have diabetes soon. =P

Now, I hate pineapples. It give me headaches. It seems weird, I know, but they do give me headaches.


Here come’s the question of the day…

How many pineapple dragees are in a stick of Mentos SourMix?


Here’s a clue. Count the yellow mentos. Imagine me putting them inside one by one… and you get?


M O R E   T H A N   H A L F   A   S T I C K   ! ! !





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