Busy busy busy!

I am overloaded with work, overstressed just by thinking of it.

Solid-state fermentation of mustard oilcake for Bioprocess, history of soy sauce for Fermentation and Downstream Processing, lab reports for Food Microbiology and Fermentation, assignment for Food Microbiology, midterm for Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology, midterm for Fermentation and Downstream Processing.

Due date: Next week…

I consider myself hardworking ūüôĄ

However, no matter how much time I spend researching, the amount of work is still the same. Gahahahaha! I know what my problem is but there is no solution.

As soon as I’m connected to the internet, I start surfing. Reading blogs, searching for songs, youtube-ing, myspace-ing, facebook-ing¬†etc. The usual drill.¬†After 3-4 hour, I start to realise that I haven’t done a single thing.

Productivity = 0

By that time, my eyes are sore. Back aches and stomach growling. Stop for awhile, get something to eat, watch tv, lay around rolling in bed¬†and then turn the computer on again. Same routine. I’m back at square one.










Oops, I did it again! I’m supposed to be doing my lab report… Ish!

So much distraction, so little time…



Thank You!

thank you, merci, xièxie, tangkiu, kamsahamnida, domo arigato gozaimasu, gratias vobis ago, terima kasih, takk, obrigado obrigada, maururu, salamat po, tenkyu, ngiyabona


For cooking me dinner even after a long long day standing and doing work in the laboratory.

For massaging me whenever I have sore. Even if you don’t feel well.

For being patient¬†whenever I’m having a¬†temper.

For standing up for me, standing by me when things are bad.

For making me laugh, even if you get scolded in the end. You still do it.

For your patience while teaching a stubborn and stupid student.

For helping out in my assignments, homeworks, laboratory reports even when you have exam the next day.

For buying me expensive lavish dinners.

For buying me silly, expensive white elephants.

For driving me to uni everyday.

For experimenting silly games with me, which always ended up you being hurt.

For waking up before the sun comes up, being my alarm, and risk being scolded for waking the dragon from a slumber sleep.

For cooking me breakfast whilst I’m sleeping. Waking me up when the meal is served.

For washing the dishes after meals.

For teaching exposing me to Chinese foul words, so that I know what people are scolding me. Quoting you, “Don’t be too innocent. So that you don’t smile back politely (like a blur person) when people are actually scolding you with bad words”.

For encouraging me to do things I can’t even imagine I am capable of. Sometimes, even when you don’t agree with what I want to do, you still encourage me anyway.

For being truthful.

For being there.

For the shoulder to cry on.

For the advise whenever I am about to do stupid things.













And above all the things that you did for me, I am most thankful to have you to…











chase away the stupid lizard in the bathroom, and in the process jatuh tergolek atas lantai. Ended up with a twisted hand and wrist AND a soccerball-sized-swollen-kneecap.




For all this and more, I truly thank you.

Where would I be without you? :mrgreen:


I have been chopping mushrooms for the past 2 hours. There are more than 2kg now.

Agrh, it is still not enough. I need 5kg of the darn fungus… Wtf!

I’ve had it! Enough is enough

My hands are numb. My stomach is growling. My eyes are blurry. My¬†legs are cramped. I’m dizzy.¬†I see mushrooms everywhere. I even smell like muschroom mushrooms. I can’t even spell poperly properly.

It’s not even my muschroom. I don’t even like muschroom in the phirst place.

I’m taking a break. Nappy time. Who cares if it’s 1pm?!

Kids Pt. 9

Sharing stories of me when I was younger.

It was my first day at Sekolah Kebangsaan (P) Methodist, Raub. All my friends from kindergarden had gone to other school, leaving me alone in the class.

Then, teacher entered the classroom. “Murid- murid, saya nak kamu semua melukis pada hari ini“, said the teacher. I wasn’t really thrilled at all. The other kids were smiling from ear to ear. Because I hated loath drawing oh-so-much.

But anyhow, I complied. Colour pencils and drawing paper was given to each of us. I drew and drew and drew. Liking it more and more. By the time the teacher came to check on our progress, I finished mine! “This will surely impress her. It’s fantabulous!“, I thought.

She came to my seat. My heart raced, and I showed her my masterpiece.

My masterpiece

My Masterpiece

Hahahah!! Kenapa lukis macam tue. Tengok kawan awak lukis, itu barulah cantik. Hahaha!!“, said the teacher.

And so I looked over, the Indian girl next to me was still drawing. “What does she has that I don’t?“, I thought angrily, full of hatred.

This is her’s

Her drawing

Her Drawing

Honestly, I don’t see any difference. No, no difference at all. Teacher must be blind.

From that moment on, I hated that Indian girl. I envy her too. She was my first enemy. First day, first enemy. From that moment on, I copied her drawing for every art class up until I was in Form 3.

Needless to say, I got D- for all drawing and art exams. The best I got was B-

I loath drawing oh-so-much.






The Indian girl is now my bff. Ironic!

I enjoy beating and bullying her. Revenge is so sweet!

Oh! She took art lessons, so it wasn’t a fair match. She is now pursuing Architecture in Lim Kok Wing too. Not fair at all.


I was always captivated by pictures like this…¬†

City Lights

Bus Trail

Light Trail

Light Trail

City Light

City Light

And then I’d be going¬†Geez, how do they do that? They are sooo clever! Lookie, cool colours. Awww…¬†I thought they were photoshop-ping or something. But today, I stumbled upon an article that¬†describes how to use long exposure, aperture¬†and ISO to get trails of light, like above.

Quickly charged the digital camera.¬†Changed shutter speed to 60/10 secs, F Number: F/5.6 andFocal Length: 6 mm.¬†ISO 50. Fumbled with my w810i’s camera light.

And I got this!








This was my first attempt. After years of figuring out how to. Played with the exposure, ISO and aperture. Jargons jargons! It is fun playing with the light like that (: 

I needed to kill time and didn’t have mood to finish my Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology assignment.

Last picture. Just one more before I retreat for the night.

Can you fix my h-e-a-rt?

Can you fix my h-e-a-r-t?

 Do, do, do you got a first aid kit handy?
Do, do you know how to patch up a wound? Tell me.
Are, are, are, are you, are you patient, understand?
Cause I might need some time to clear the hole on my heart and I

Can you fix my H-E-A-R-T?
Cause it’s D-A-M-A-G-E-D

So, how you gonna fix it, fix, it, fix it?

Check out –> Hemmy <– for cooler photos of¬†light trail!