Kids Pt. 7

When was the last time you got a snail mail? No, I don’t mean your electricity bill, telephone bill, credit card bill, spam mail.. A real snail mail. Probably a decade ago.

Why, I got a snail mail just recently. No, I’m not bragging. Just showing off. Really!

See for yourself…















to: Stella sia
This is a Water logi. This is a logi Ice Water. BYe

I wasn’t the only one who got a letter. Mum and dad got one too. And it came in an envelope!!


to: mummu and dadda.
Hello. I BaCK tO School of 2008
School. is TadaiKa
mummu, YoU
KNoW, Guru
say, mimga
LePas go to
tadika IDaman.
BYe BYe.
I ♥ you.



Muahahah! Be jealous, very jealous!


6 thoughts on “Kids Pt. 7

    • King, water logi is logi air. She went there last year during her tadika trip, learnt about where water came, how water is filtered etc etc. And I’m guessing mimga is actually minggu. She’s weird!

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