Thank You!

thank you, merci, xièxie, tangkiu, kamsahamnida, domo arigato gozaimasu, gratias vobis ago, terima kasih, takk, obrigado obrigada, maururu, salamat po, tenkyu, ngiyabona


For cooking me dinner even after a long long day standing and doing work in the laboratory.

For massaging me whenever I have sore. Even if you don’t feel well.

For being patient whenever I’m having a temper.

For standing up for me, standing by me when things are bad.

For making me laugh, even if you get scolded in the end. You still do it.

For your patience while teaching a stubborn and stupid student.

For helping out in my assignments, homeworks, laboratory reports even when you have exam the next day.

For buying me expensive lavish dinners.

For buying me silly, expensive white elephants.

For driving me to uni everyday.

For experimenting silly games with me, which always ended up you being hurt.

For waking up before the sun comes up, being my alarm, and risk being scolded for waking the dragon from a slumber sleep.

For cooking me breakfast whilst I’m sleeping. Waking me up when the meal is served.

For washing the dishes after meals.

For teaching exposing me to Chinese foul words, so that I know what people are scolding me. Quoting you, “Don’t be too innocent. So that you don’t smile back politely (like a blur person) when people are actually scolding you with bad words”.

For encouraging me to do things I can’t even imagine I am capable of. Sometimes, even when you don’t agree with what I want to do, you still encourage me anyway.

For being truthful.

For being there.

For the shoulder to cry on.

For the advise whenever I am about to do stupid things.













And above all the things that you did for me, I am most thankful to have you to…











chase away the stupid lizard in the bathroom, and in the process jatuh tergolek atas lantai. Ended up with a twisted hand and wrist AND a soccerball-sized-swollen-kneecap.




For all this and more, I truly thank you.

Where would I be without you? :mrgreen:


3 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. yo..u write tis jz like a love letter to a lover..
    but i kno la..its not..
    so touched when read it…can know that all this is true from u..

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