Busy busy busy!

I am overloaded with work, overstressed just by thinking of it.

Solid-state fermentation of mustard oilcake for Bioprocess, history of soy sauce for Fermentation and Downstream Processing, lab reports for Food Microbiology and Fermentation, assignment for Food Microbiology, midterm for Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology, midterm for Fermentation and Downstream Processing.

Due date: Next week…

I consider myself hardworking 🙄

However, no matter how much time I spend researching, the amount of work is still the same. Gahahahaha! I know what my problem is but there is no solution.

As soon as I’m connected to the internet, I start surfing. Reading blogs, searching for songs, youtube-ing, myspace-ing, facebook-ing etc. The usual drill. After 3-4 hour, I start to realise that I haven’t done a single thing.

Productivity = 0

By that time, my eyes are sore. Back aches and stomach growling. Stop for awhile, get something to eat, watch tv, lay around rolling in bed and then turn the computer on again. Same routine. I’m back at square one.










Oops, I did it again! I’m supposed to be doing my lab report… Ish!

So much distraction, so little time…



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