My Two Cents Worth

Happy! Got midterm on a Saturday but it’s not stopping me from the sense of relieve I’m feeling now.

Specially message to Lim Sze Mun.. *yet again*

thank you, merci, xièxie, tangkiu, kamsahamnida, domo arigato gozaimasu, gratias vobis ago, terima kasih, takk, obrigado obrigada, maururu, salamat po, tenkyu, ngiyabona

I know I forced you to do my assignment. But I’m glad I did.
As soon as I win money from Fly. fm’s Cash call, I’m going to buy you lots and lots of cooking book. And treat to seafood dinner. *Read ‘seafood’ in Hakka slang* Seefut dinner is special, something out of the ordinary.

 On another note, I feel the urge to trash about a someone. A very strong urge. But, I’m better than that. Nevertheless, want to take this opportunity to say…






















I hate you so much for all the things you did to me. Taking advantage of me, dragging me down, making fun of something that is serious and treating me like shit.



No, I’m not some dumbo just because I put up with your laziness.
Grow up, you irresponsible immatured selfish retarded jerk!



There! Feeling better already… Continue studying.


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