Western got robbed at 4 am on Tuesday. Whole Raub knows about it already. Mum called just minutes ago, telling me. Shocked.

The stupid robber messed with my favourite cash machine, only to find RM 0 inside. *insert BIG BIG BIG BIG LAUGH*

Muahahahakakakahahawahahahkahahamamhahahmuamuamuamuahahahakaka! Bahahahahahmuahahabuahahahahahakekekekhahahaheheh! Ahha ahahaha ahahaha ahaha ahah ah ah ah

He’s not satisfied going home empty-handed. Took a whole stack of 10 and 20 cents coins, worth over RM80. Mum said that he probably tripped over because he didn’t see the tiny miny chair. I hope he lands on his face first.

Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit YOU ROBBER!

Still not satisfied, he stole all those expensive silky-smooth-imported-Crocodile shirts from another drawer. And being the retarded-stupid-mindless-greedy-robber that he is, took some jeans with him too.

Mum says losses amount to RM 5,000 ++

Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit YOU ROBBER!

Police found a lot of fingerprints. Mum’s, dad’s, workers’ and probably mine. I don’t know how they’re going to catch the frigging thief, there are probably thousands of handprints here and there.

Thankful to other shopkeepers and Uncle Eng who called and alerted my dad.

I’m going to be so pissed off if my cash machine is broken! The machine is even older than I am. I love pushing its buttons, the sound it makes and the cash inside :mrgreen:

Curse that frigging thief! I hope he chokes when drinking water, get kudis all over his body, have gazillion big big painful pimples on his face and inside his ears, trips when walking and breaks his kneecap, can’t sleep at night, can’t eat, can’t talk, can’t breath. I hope he gets cancer, burns his face and hair when he smoke cigarette. I hope he smells like shit no matter how much he baths. I hope he gets stung by gazillion bees. I hope… I hope… I hope…I hope he don’t die after all that.

I want him to suffer!

I want to ‘ta siew yan’. I need a voodoo doll. I need black magic.

I need to calm down… I’m PMS-ing so much, I think my period’s going to come any minute now. Ish!! I hate period!

Still. Whoever he is, I hate him so much!

I want to punch someone!

Why is life so hard all of a sudden? All this things that are happening, why? I’m already moody as it is. Why?

Ish! I’m so fed up.


One thought on “Robbed!

  1. hey. first of all. Sorry about that. My dad told me about that too. Btw, u say he, the thief might be a female you know. who knows?

    And bad he may seem for robbing your dad’s shop, but you don’t have to curse him la. Pity. Maybe he steal cos he’s/she’s too poor. We never know right? Anyway, stealing/robbing/breaking into ppl’s shop is a criminal offense. It’s wrong. So, just do hope the cops could catch him/her soon enough and get back all your loses.

    Don’t curse the pity pathetic burglar k? Kesian… Chilled. And good bless you guys. May the thief got caught and punished accordingly. 🙂

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