More Space? No way! What for!?

Whenever people talk about pendrive, they go

“Oh, I saw an 8 GB pendrive the other day. So cheap somemore” or “I think I need to upgrade my pendrive. 4 GB is not enough” or “I just bought an external hard drive. Never have enough of space”.

And then I’d annoy them, saying…

You know what. I never understand the lack of pendrive space. I’m still using my 512 MB pendrive, bought more than 2 years ago. I have never exceeded 512 MB!

Oohs and ahhs and shrieks are exchanged. All criticizing and saying I’m so “out”.

Cehhh, I’d say… I don’t care. I love my pendrive. And why wouldn’t I?


My name is Pokey Thing

See why? I love my Pokey Thing…

512 MB rox!


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