Day 2, 3 and Current Addiction

One word: Bored.

Things Bec and I did: Play games, watch dvd, eat, sleep and oh… take money.

I hate annoying customers. When I say dad and mum is not around, means they are not around. End of sentence. Ssheesh! I hate customers who nag. I hate customers who look like they want to kill me because I can’t give a lot discounts. Ssheesh! Dad made me boss, so I do what I like. Muthamma is getting on my nerves.

That aside, I am currently crazily addicted to Hanazakari no Kimitachi e. Addicted to Wu Chun, that cutie has kidnapped my heart…

Kidnap my heart, take me with you,
Kidnap my heart, make my dreams come true,
Take me away cause falling in love,
Ain’t very far, not from the start,
Kidnap my heart.

Ahh… I need my daily dose of Hanazakari no Kimitachi e and Wu Chun. I’m going to buy the whole drama soon. Yeaz!


Day One

The first day working in Western. One down, five more days to go.

Phew… I don’t like to jaga kedai. I’ll never be in the business industry due to this. The first few hours after opening shop was ok. From lunch onwards, minutes drag by. Laptop and games keep me busy. If only there’s internet connection, then thing’s would be so so so much better.

Gah, Esther is starting to get on my nerves. I can only be nice to her for a day. Max. She’s the naughtiest and most fierce 7 year old I’ve ever seen. Demanding too. Phew!

Hope mum and dad are having fun. Can’t wait for pressies!!

Prison Break is starting to get on my nerves. So frustrating!

Hibernation Is Over

Girls Night Out

Final examination started two weeks ago and finally came to a much awaited ending today. I was sick for two whole weeks, now in the process of recovery. No joke. Sore throat, migraine that left me awake for less than 10 hours a day and cough.

I started revision around two weeks before the exact date, because I cannot sit at home and have fun while thinking of the oncoming exam.

Reading and reading and reading. Dreading each day and hoping tomorrow could come sooner.

I was eager to take my first paper, couldn’t wait to get it over with. Was totally opposite of my housemate. She was scared shit a day before, I was damn happy a day before. 😆

I accompanied her until 4 a.m, and broke my own record to stay awake. I didn’t tell her but actually at around 2.30 I’ve started to feel giddy and light-headed. Eh, who needs alcohol when you can feel high by not sleeping??

By the second week, I was so damn sick of studying. Damn freaking sickof studying. I was like, “what the heck, screw exam! I need a break.” And so, I started playing computer games, broke my own promise and went online every one or two hour everyday. Checking out everybody’s Facebookstatus and comments. :mrgreen:

I got addicted to Feeding Frenzy. It’s a really good game! Eating fish and avoid being eaten. It’s a fish eat fish world.

The last paper today, I wrote so darn fast that my fingers hurt. Half a book with my cute small writing. Left exam hall an hour earlier at 4.30 p.m. Went home and continued playing game. I am really addicted to this game.

And of course, a Friday night should not to be wasted. Went to Midvalley and had a big fat thick Carl’s Jr burger. Coincidentally, A Cut Above had a fashion show there too. Hung around to stalk celebrities. Gosh, I feel so self-concious seeing all the girls with hour-glass figure, slim and so SPARKLY! Saw Angel Wong Chui LIng, Aishah Sinclair, Sazzy Falak, Jehan Miskin, Dennis Yin from So You Think You Can Dance, Prem FlyFM and some others their name I don’t know.

I was really excited to see Angel, Aishah and Sazzy. They were gorgeous. I wanted so much to take pictures with them but… was scared to ask. Thanks to absence of Astro here in KL and to presence of 8TV, I know our Malaysian artist. They are not bad, some are pretty good and they don’t get enough credits.

I’ve babbled enough for a day. Got to continue my feeding frenzy. Ciao.


January – April 2009 semester is ending. Woohoo! Final examinations from 16th to 24th. It’s going to be a slow week. Pimples are threatening to pop anytime soon. The dates for exam is arranged very stupidly.

16.04.09   10 am       Fermentation and Downstream Processing
23.04.09   10 am       Bioprocess Engineering
                   2.30 pm   Food Microbiology
24.04.09   10 am       Industrial & Environmental Biotechnology

Really stupid.

Anyhow, got a news that a friend will be joining UCSI soon. Taking biotechnology as well. Super happy, super excited!

In the meantime, 


Got a feeling I’m going to screw the papers. They say, woman’s instinct is accurate. Not sure about that but, desperate times needs desperate measures! Packing my computer, books, magazines, PSP and TV away. No going online to *ehem…* check e-mails or check e-advantage. Promise to myself  XD



Kids Pt. 10 and A Birthday Wish

This coming Sunday would be Esther’s 7th birthday.

Gosh, kids do grow up fast. I hope she doesn’t grow up too fast, wish I didn’t wish to grow up so fast myself.

“Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it”.

Nowadays, I am longing to be a kid once again where everything is simple. Where A is A and B is B, no in betweens.

Getting back on track… The kid just texted me yesterday night. Made me laugh out loud.

“Hey, kakak saya. How are you.”


Ever since studying in MGS, she’s becoming more fluent in BM. There’s always an “Alamak” and an exaggerated “Adoiiii” in her sentences. She is always reminding me that she is “Ketua Bahasa Cina” in class, got number 1 in 4 X 100m sprint.

And oh! She reminded about something important just 2 weeks ago…

“Ka cheh, my birthday is on one two of April, two thousand nine.”

When asked what is “one two of April”,

“One two is twenty lar! You think I donno meh? I got study garh.”

Happy 7th Birthday, Esther…


It’s a bit early, I know but who cares?








P.S: One two is twelve… just in case.


Something about it just makes me go “ahhh ooo woow”.

Final exam is coming real soon and classes are nearly ending. With so much time now, I’m glued to Gimp. Whole day.


Now that I’ve finished this, I can finally study in peace.