Kids Pt. 10 and A Birthday Wish

This coming Sunday would be Esther’s 7th birthday.

Gosh, kids do grow up fast. I hope she doesn’t grow up too fast, wish I didn’t wish to grow up so fast myself.

“Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it”.

Nowadays, I am longing to be a kid once again where everything is simple. Where A is A and B is B, no in betweens.

Getting back on track… The kid just texted me yesterday night. Made me laugh out loud.

“Hey, kakak saya. How are you.”


Ever since studying in MGS, she’s becoming more fluent in BM. There’s always an “Alamak” and an exaggerated “Adoiiii” in her sentences. She is always reminding me that she is “Ketua Bahasa Cina” in class, got number 1 in 4 X 100m sprint.

And oh! She reminded about something important just 2 weeks ago…

“Ka cheh, my birthday is on one two of April, two thousand nine.”

When asked what is “one two of April”,

“One two is twenty lar! You think I donno meh? I got study garh.”

Happy 7th Birthday, Esther…


It’s a bit early, I know but who cares?








P.S: One two is twelve… just in case.


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