January – April 2009 semester is ending. Woohoo! Final examinations from 16th to 24th. It’s going to be a slow week. Pimples are threatening to pop anytime soon. The dates for exam is arranged very stupidly.

16.04.09   10 am       Fermentation and Downstream Processing
23.04.09   10 am       Bioprocess Engineering
                   2.30 pm   Food Microbiology
24.04.09   10 am       Industrial & Environmental Biotechnology

Really stupid.

Anyhow, got a news that a friend will be joining UCSI soon. Taking biotechnology as well. Super happy, super excited!

In the meantime, 


Got a feeling I’m going to screw the papers. They say, woman’s instinct is accurate. Not sure about that but, desperate times needs desperate measures! Packing my computer, books, magazines, PSP and TV away. No going online to *ehem…* check e-mails or check e-advantage. Promise to myself  XD




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