Day 2, 3 and Current Addiction

One word: Bored.

Things Bec and I did: Play games, watch dvd, eat, sleep and oh… take money.

I hate annoying customers. When I say dad and mum is not around, means they are not around. End of sentence. Ssheesh! I hate customers who nag. I hate customers who look like they want to kill me because I can’t give a lot discounts. Ssheesh! Dad made me boss, so I do what I like. Muthamma is getting on my nerves.

That aside, I am currently crazily addicted to Hanazakari no Kimitachi e. Addicted to Wu Chun, that cutie has kidnapped my heart…

Kidnap my heart, take me with you,
Kidnap my heart, make my dreams come true,
Take me away cause falling in love,
Ain’t very far, not from the start,
Kidnap my heart.

Ahh… I need my daily dose of Hanazakari no Kimitachi e and Wu Chun. I’m going to buy the whole drama soon. Yeaz!


3 thoughts on “Day 2, 3 and Current Addiction

  1. hoiyo~never think u will watch those mandarin drama~~hihi..
    i oso watch last time..quite funny geh~~soo khoon suggestion oso nt bad..
    but the latest drama i crazy of is da korean drama..boys over flower~~kekeke…

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