Day 5

Woot! Ended my last day of work… Things were pretty smooth today. Had more customers than usual, probably due to the long holiday. It is, after all, the start of the month.

Things were pretty smooth, until two Mandarin speaking aunties came in. Being the only one who “understands” the language, I was forced to converse with them. Shiat!

Bec had a good laugh. I don’t see her helping me out!

I was nervous and felt like fainting. My knees went weak, really.

The thing is… I understand Mandarin. But, I’ve never talked to anyone before using Mandarin. “Ta ben tan, wo ai nie, sam pat por” is not the same.

In the end, I think I handled it pretty good. From my point of view, that is. Hah!

New semester is starting soon!!! Third year, baby! Rock on…

Can’t wait to see Vinie, she’s nervous as heck! 😆 


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