Missing Esther


Esther is down with fever all of a sudden. So, aunty decided that Esther should stay with her.

With Esther gone, mum and dad gone, there is only me and Becs at home. When Esther is around, we are constantly nagging her to shut up and do her own stuff. Now that she’s not around, we feel so weird. The house is too quiet. No noise, the only sound around comes from both our laptops.

I want my Esther.

This morning when we dropped her off, she was still her bubbly self. And now few hours later, here I am, sitting on her bed, wishing I could tug her in just one more night before I’m off 😦

I want my baby sis.

Now that she’s not here, there is nobody to brush teeth and wash face with me anymore. Nobody to play “1, 2, jus” with me anymore. She’ll let me know what she’s going use so that I can win. Haha… Nobody to play “yum seng” with me anymore. I keep forcing her to drink water, her nose bleed the other day and scared the hell out of me. Nobody to play “guess the song” with me anymore. Our usual song are Womanizer, Circus by Britney Spears(Both our favourite singer), Love Story, Top of the World, Tie a Yellow Ribbon, Blue Suede Shoes, Standing in the Eyes of the World by Ella, Negaraku, Bangau oh Bangau, Sg. Bilut (Our own song, composed by mum!), So What by Pink, Still Loving You, Don’t Want to Miss a Thing, Mariah’s Without You, Just Dance, Jay Chou’s songs, S.H.E’s songs, Avril’s songs, Don’t Cha, Low by Flo Rida, Akon and the list goes on and on and on… For a seven year old, she knows her songs well. Nobody to watch Hanazakari no Kimitachi e with me anymore. Nobody to play spelling with me anymore. Nobody to ask me silly questions anymore. Nobody to take goofy pictures with me anymore.


I want my spoilt brat.

Esther is really lonesome, from what I see. Everyone around her is so much older than her. That’s why she likes to stick to people. She don’t like to play alone, well, nobody like that anyway. And since nobody plays “masak masak”, PlayDoh, colouring, puzzles and toys with her, she’s more into computer games that she don’t even know how to play, she listens to all our songs, she joins in our conversations, she watches YouTube video’s she don’t understand and she talks like grown ups. Heck! She is like a grown up. And I don’t like it. Not one bit!

I want my grown up baby sis.

That is why I don’t like to see her playing alone. I join in in her games and even played like a kid would. I, at least, had Bec who’s 3 years younger than I am to accompany me last time. I enjoy playing with her. I enjoy just being silly and letting my guards down and not afraid of what she would think of me if I do this or if I don’t do this. I like listening to her giggling.

I miss my spoilt grown up baby Esther.

Ishh, the night is doing awful things to my emotion…


Esther, hope you are having a good night’s sleep…


6 thoughts on “Missing Esther

  1. I understand how you feel right now..be strong k..
    I hope your sister get well soon..

    p/s: Hanazakari no Kimitachi e is one of my fav JDrama’s ever. I loved nakatsu character…the way he talked to himself is really funny.

  2. feel want to be ur sis too~~hahaha…
    i think that she’s nt alone n she is very very very “hang fuk” got a sister like u~
    u want to add one more sister???kekeke~~

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