Kids Pt 11

A conversation Bec had with Esther.

Esther: Ka Cheh… you know ah, it’s night time here but it’s now morning where mummy is. WOW! o.O

Becca: Yeah.

Esther: *insert curious look* Why?

Becca: *thinking hard* Because you see right, our Earth is round. So when the sun is shining in Paris where mummy is, our place is night.

Esther: Oh… *thinks for a while…* Why?

Becca: 😕

Hahahahahahah! The power of ‘why’.

And sometime ago, I was playing with the World Time application installed in my handphone with Esther watching. I placed Paris as default.

Esther: Ka cheh, where is Paris?

Stella: Paris is in France…

Esther: *confused*

Stella: You see… We live in Malaysia right? Malaysia is our “negara”.

Esther: uh huh… *listening intently*

Stella: *don’t know how to continue from there. wth* Ok… KL is in Malaysia. So, Paris is in France. France is a “negara”. Something like that lar…

Esther: OOOOOOooo! I understand…

Stella: Wow, Esther so clever!

Esther: Ka cheh, what is negara? What is negeri? Pahang is negara or not? What about Raub?

Stella: 😕

Another conversation Bec had with Esther.

Esther: Ka Cheh, when I finish “darjah enam”, I am in what “darjah”?

Becca: You will be in form 1 then. Study in secondary MGS loh.

Esther: Oh….

Half a minute later…

Esther: I don’t want! I want to be teacher!

Becca: Cannot. When you finish secondary then only can be teacher.

Esther: CAN……. I want to be teacher after “darjah enam”.

And the last one…

Stella: Esther, who is your favourite teacher?

Esther: Cik Zura. She is a very good teacher!!!

Stella: What about Pn. Halimatun? She taught me and Becca, you know. Now, she’s teaching you too. She is a very good teacher also.

Esther: 😯  *and puts on a forced smile*

Stella: What!? Why?!

Esther: Ka Cheh……. She is a “puan” lar! “Puan” is not beautiful, “cik” is beautiful geh… Haiyorh!

Stella: Wahahahakahahabuahahakakah!

Kids! What can I say?

Sometimes when she asks me question that is too hard for her to understand, I just brush her off and say she won’t understand even if I explained, she forces me to explain anyway. Whenever she gets annoying like that, I go all scientific and deep with my answers. “Food poisoning by S. aureus… The erythrocytes and leukocytes… Our bone marrow… The speed of light… The equation of x and y determines…”

Buahahah! In your face, Esther!


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