Nike Free

I am soooooooooooooooooooo stoopid.

Was window shopping around Sunway Pyramid today and I saw this really really gorgeous pair of Nike shoes. From afar, the sole looks like teeth, nicely and evenly space. White nice set of teeth. Taking a closer look, touching its body, feelings its skin… Ah, it was love at first sight.

Then came the storekeeper, telling me this is their latest model and bending the shoe like its made out of nothing. Straight away I know that it is Nike Free. No other shoe is as comfortable as a Nike Free. I know because I owned one. Notice the past tense here. Owned one. Years ago.

It was years ago since my last pair of Nike Free. The comfort, the joy, the pride of wearing one…

My world came crashing down when I asked for the price. Well, mum asked. I would, will never ask for the price. The most I’d do is steal a glance at the price tag when I’m certain nobody is watching. A whooping RM300+

Shiat. Shiatshiatshiat.

I said ‘Thank you’, gave a polite smile and put down the shoe. Reluctantly.

I came home and went online to check out the shoe again, just to find that I’ve forgotten the name of the shoe. I can’t find the shoe! I can’t find it. So much for a second glance. Should’ve paid more attention when the lady was telling the name of the shoe. Now I can’t find it.

I am soooooooooooooooooooo stoopid.

And now I am sitting here, blogging about how stoopid I am.

Argh!!! I wanna punch somebody


One thought on “Nike Free

  1. How can it be that you can’t find it online? :S

    Try Niketown,, and all sorts. Or just go back to the shop.

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