Sunway Lagoon


Skipping into Sunway Lagoon with a happy heart. Furiously applying sunblock and smiling from ear to ear. Bought tickets for three parks; Extreme park, Water park and Amusement park.
We screamed, laughed and took pictures whenever possible. We walk and walk and walk and walk. The place is so darn big, we got lost at first!

The roller coaster ride was fantabulous and was on it twice. I was seriously scared and screamed like mad. Ahaha! I love all the rides there. All but one. The Tomahawk, it spins 360 degrees. Both clockwise and counter-clockwise. Stayed upside down in the air for a v-e-r-y loooooooooong 3 seconds. Got very sick after that. I wanted to vomit, everything is spinning and I felt so dizzy. Phew!

G Force X

G Force X

Aftermath; suppressing the vomit

Aftermath; suppressing the vomit

The weather was fine when we first arrived. I was glad and I thought the forecast was a phoney. But come evening, it did rained. With thunders too. We refused to go home although many started packing and went back. We just couldn’t go home! We just only changed to our swimsuits and spend not even 10 minutes in the water.

After a whole day in Sunway Lagoon, we went back

dead tired, with muscle aches, sore throat, sprained leg, sore butt, tanned and HUNGRY!

Had dinner in Shogun. Crabs, sushi, teppanyaki beef, lamb chop, tom yam kung, prawns, squids, clams, lalas, cod fish, duck and much much more. 

Went home, and sleep the whole night long.


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