I want a Domo-kun! A freaking Domo-kun.

Where do you get one in Malaysia? It is sooo hard to find that sharp-teethed-angry-brown-chubby-Domokun here.


I’ve never seen a real Domo-kun. So pitiful. Oh wait a sec. Got! I saw it once before.

In Celeste’s car! I’m the one who helped her to hang it on her rearview mirrow.

Oh, I’m so regretting it now. I should’ve just steal take it when she’s not paying attention.

Argh, I want a domo-kun! One with chain so that I can use it as my car key chain. Taking it everywhere I go, travelling with Domo-kun. Oh so fun!

Domo-kun so cute! See? I want…


5 thoughts on “Domo-kun

  1. =ppp….i know where to buy domo kun need steal steal all ok…bluekkk….it was from joel!!!just ask me where to buy..i’ll tell you..hahahaha…

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