House hunting and some irrelevant stuff

Going house hunting again tomorrow in  few hours. This time, we’ll be looking at a particular house in Bandar Kinrara.

Kinrara is a ‘dead’ place. Makan place also don’t have. The only thing they have there is this big supermarket called Giant.  I don’t go there. Simply because I don’t like cooking cleaning up after cooking, so I don’t grocery shop. Unless for emergencies. Like whendot whendot ermdotAlah, I just don’t grocery shop la.


I am still stuck with the Enzyme Tech lab report number 3. Been doing it for a whole week, and still haven’t finish. Ish, so sick of reports.


Listening to S.H.E. I haven’t listen to them for a long time now, and I kindof miss them. Didn’t know that. They have really upbeat and catchy songs. It’s nice sometimes, to switch to Chinese songs, listening to something different.

Music is amazing, in the sense that you don’t have to know or understand what the song is about and still fall in love with it.


Drinking Milo in the middle of the night is heavenly. Total opposite of Nescafe. I don’t tolerate caffeine well.


Dad imposed a “No internet after 1 am” rule today. Yesterday, he caught us still up at 3 am. He went downstairs, switched off the wireless thingamajigy and went back to sleep. I have controlling parents. Period.


Back to work 😥


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