Project Presentation

Argh! Nightmares do come true…

I didn’t sleep the whole night because of this. My mind keeps spinning around and thinking about Lactobacillus and the thoughts don’t even make sense. It’s the same thing, same concept over and over again. I’m stuck at the maze and couldn’t get out.

I hate not sleeping. Because, I love to sleep.



The one good thing I find out about not sleeping is that, I am able to concentrate more in class. The 8 am class this morning. The class where I fall fast asleep ten minutes in. Today, I made history.


Let’s get back on track. The project presentation is next Friday. 3rd July 2009 at 12.20 am (or is it pm? Can’t differentiate and don’t care). I hate presentation, talking in front of crowd, not being able to answer during Q&A session presentation.

When I’m nervous, I start playing with my nails. Pinching and pressing my nails. I start playing with my skirt. Touching the sides here, the sides there, feeling the cotton. And when I get really really nervous, I slouch.

Ah, the stress! I think I know my things. But I’m scared I’ll forget it all on the day.

Hope I don’t make a fool out of myself. Embarassing Dr. Renee will be the ultimate crime. Geez!


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