Yesterday Once More

The project presentation was okay, I guess. I started off with a bang. After introducing myself, project title and a little history, I suddenly realise that my heart was going to pop out and that my legs were literally shaking. After suddenly realising that I was shaking, everything went down the drain. I was quite upset that my supervisor was late, although it wasn’t her fault because I was ahead of schedule.

Anyhow, thing went bad during question and answer session. I was so scared that my mind went blank. Totally blank, blank to the point that I couldn’t think.

Let bygones be bygone


On a different note,


I’m in love with The Carpenters


Every sha-la-la-la,
Every wo-o-wo-oh,
Still shines,
Every shing-a-ling-a-ling,
That they’re starting to sing,
So fine.



With a new hairdo, some dance moves and bling blings, they can rock the world. I wonder how Karen would look like with the Rihanna’s haircut? Richard would look good with the Zac Effron hairstyle. Bahahaha!


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