When I first came to KL to study, I was absolutely freaking mad about going to pasar malam. Especially the Taman Connaught pasar malam. It was an outer-space experience.

Stupid/lame/bodoh as it may seem, I’ve never been to pasar malam my life before that. SERIOUS.

Even stupider/lamer/bodoh-er than that is that, I didn’t know that Raub has pasar malam! I only know about it after excitedly telling my friends about my first pasar malam experience. Geez, I suck!

I’d used to visit the pasar malam every week on Wednesday. The crowd, the food, the things and everything is so happening. It’s a shopping complex, only difference is that I can afford everything in this complex. Bahahaha!

Last month during Father’s day, we went back to Bentong to celebrate with grandpa. Every one was chit chatting about something something. And suddenly, uncle asks dad “Hey Jin, do you eat the fried chicken they sell at pasar malam?” And he continues to say, “Do you know that they put a whole packet of straw into the oil?” He said that he saw them putting straws inside so that, the fried chicken will be crispier, even after being left overnight.

I was shocked beyond words.

While Dad answered no with ease, I was stunned. Slowly, I turned to Bec beside me and with a horrified look said, “Bee, I go to pasar malam every week and never fail to eat the fried chicken. How now?” The only response I get from her is an evil smile. *Why do I have sister like this?*

I’ve never been to pasar malam since June.





I miss Uncle Bob boneless breast fried chicken


2 thoughts on “10.07.2009

  1. HAHAHA!

    Only thing I eat at the pasar malam is Taiwanese sausages. Only drink I buy is probably green apple bubble tea.

  2. oh dear! i have heard of hawkers using plastic to fry onions and some other food…. it’s hard to monitor these hawkers, so just be careful!!

    i have not been to pasar malam for over 10 years. i miss this outing but my family and i could not find the pasar malam atmosphere nowadays which we used to experience back in bayan baru, penang. it’s a pity.

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