I hate my computer. Hate hate hate hate hate hate it! It is suuuuuper slow. Just now, I opened 3 word document and 1 pdf file. Alternating between the four windows take forever. Sometimes it wouldn’t even respond. I couldn’t stand it and straight away switched on my friend’s laptop and talk bad about mine 😛

Been using that laptop for 3 years, a rough guess. It has always been this slow, no matter how may times I delete my files, delete the songs and pictures and defragment the system. I still remember the first time I used it. I was at home, dad brought it home and we turned it on. Oh ya, I didn’t even have a say on which computer I want. I just say, “Dy, I want a laptop to do college work. I’ll be using mostly Microsoft Word and surf the net”. Then, one day he brought back a Toshiba brochure and told me to see the one he wants to buy. I’m still a little bit hurt that I didn’t get to choose my laptop. My sis got a Macbook for crying out loud!

So, the first thing dad asked me after switching the computer on is. “Wah, it’s really fast is it?” It was slow, but I didn’t want to upset him and said, “It’s not bad.. Ok la”.

Since day 1, the computer is slow. The RAM is not even 1 GB. Pathetic, I know.

This week, I will and must ask dad to upgrade the RAM. It seems that recently everyone is buying new laptop, information thanks to Facebook status. I am so jealous! I hope mine will break down soon. No, soon is not fast enough. I hope mine will crash tonight. Then I can have a new laptop.

And this time,



I want to choose my own laptop


I am so frustrated. When I ask for upgrade, dad’ll tell me to delete my song and don’t install software and application. I know that is what he’ll say. I know! Then when I say that my computer has no software apart from Microsoft Office, he will say,

Be more patient la…. No need to be so fast.



Char dou!!


PS, I really don’t have anything except Microsoft Office in my computer. I swear! Now, don’t even have 1 song and picture. Still slow.


PPS, I am so frustrated. Beyond words.

Update 1: Shutting down the computer takes approximately 10 years 😛

Update 2: No, my computer didn’t crash. My hope on the other hand did.


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