I dreamt that I bought a dog from Aunty Jenny. A super duper cute dog. Had the body of a puppy shih tzu but the fur of a poodle. The dog has the curliest curls ever. The face is somewhat half a chow chow? Anyway, it was very cute! I was bringing it to the car when the aunty came and followed behind. She asked for money and I only have RM 150 with me. I was going to break my piggy bank but then I woke up. Stupid sun!

The other day, I dreamt of loosing teeth. All of them. I was in my primary school with my friends in the choir team. We were supposed to perform for somebody. Then, my teeth started to break. Into small million pieces. It was very painful and I tasted blood. I didn’t dare to tell anyone or open my mouth. At last when I couldn’t hold back any longer, I vomitted everything out. And then I wake up.

I hate stupid dreams.


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