Angel in Disguise

Last Sunday at Ah Tok‘s place, I saw something that changed my perspective.

This aunty came with her family, in laws and etc for the Merdeka celebration. Being a public holiday, Ah Tok is swamped. Me and the family were there for our chicken chop dinner. Halfway eating, the aunty stop chatting, got up from her seat with her daughter and went to the next table. Both of them started to clean up the table left by the last family. Picking up the food that spilled out, wiped the table and collected all the utensils, plates and glasses and put then in the kitchen.

My first thought was that maybe more family members are coming.

But after cleaning the table, both of them sat back at their seats and continued chatting. I told dad about them, I was…. I’m surprised!

Dad said that she is a very very very kind-hearted person and helps other a lot. Emphasis on the very, please.


And I thought that people like that only exist in movies. I knew that aunty since small. Mum buys veggie from her. I never gave much thought about her.

Now, I am reminded by her to be a nicer person.


5 thoughts on “Angel in Disguise

  1. Which auntie? your mum buys vege from her?

    Cos my cousin and husband and her mother-in-law sells vege in the market. They are related to Ah Tok. They are relatives. Sometimes they helped out during peak times. Maybe it’s them?

    • Ok, let me try to describe the place. When you turn into the market at Daya Makmur store, the first stall on the left when you go through the entrance. It’s that one.

      Here’s an easier description. She is related to the owner of Sweetheart. Haha!

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