writing crap just because i can. skipskipskip!

1. Seriously, I am clueless on what my first step is and what is it that I am supposed to do first. Didn’t bothered me too much. I just figured that when the time comes to start the project, I will eventually know. Bleh! I always get into trouble because of this. I don’t plan ahead. I know its my weakness but I just do not plan ahead. Why do I behave like this? I don’t like it but I can’t change it.


2. I am very lazy to write my thesis.


3. I hate that I don’t know how to ask questions. I get jealous and curious when people have so many questions to ask. “Remember kids, there are not stupid questions”. And I mumble silently, “Only stupid people who ask them” and I once again succeed in making myself laugh.

I think some people have many questions to ask is because… they really do study, and they really do think out of the box? I don’t think out of the box and don’t study unless it is to pass tests. Because… *refer to number 1* Why I don’t plan ahead? *Refer number 2*


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