Apek Coli

Wanted to blog about spending the weekend working for parents and listening to Raya songs on repeat, x30 a day but then I read this status update on Facebook,

 Adeline Sia  feels that there are a lot of psycho / orang gila in Raub. The most famous = apek coli / guy who wears bra and cycle round town

Ahh… The famous Apek Coli! The legendary Apek Coli! Everyone in town knows him. Tua muda kaya miskin semua pun kenal apek coli.

He is a tanned, skinny, bald old man who goes about on his antique bicycle. He goes around town wearing only a khaki bermuda shorts and of course… a bra. There were many theories as to where he got his bra supply. Some says that he stole it from his neighbours’ ampaian baju. Some says that he bought it himself. Whatever it is, however he got it still remains a puzzle!

A friend told me that he is actually very well to do and was an engineer. He fell madly in love with a girl who eventually broke his heart. Couldn’t stand the heartache, he went mad. Classic love story. Ahah…

When I walk past him in town, I would never be able to not stare at him. I am afraid but still, I could not stop looking at him. I wonder where he went. It has been years since I last saw him. Word was that he is now tucked away in a mental hospital.

Apek Coli was the gossip topic among us little kids. I wonder what’s the “in” thing now with Esther‘s generation.


4 thoughts on “Apek Coli

  1. OMG, I was just telling my friends about him the other day! His name is “Kok Pan”. Ya, he hasn’t been around for many years huh. My grandma said he died 😦

  2. Kok Pang died few years back la, Stella. Rumour has it that his ex-girlfriend went to his funeral. At least she paid him a visit. I guess he should be grateful and could rest in peace…

    Engineer? The version i heard was lawyer…

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