First Week

The first week of work is… over.



Gosh, I really cannot believe how slow time passes this time ’round. Last year when I did my training, it was really fun and enjoyable. There were a lot of coffee breaks, which is whenever I feel like it. This is because there is a really cool coffee/tea dispenser. There’s teh tarik, Milo, Nescafe, Nescafe kaw and etc. There were a lot of trainees in the last company too, which means a lot of friends and people to ask questions.

But this company… The first week itself is a struggle to get through. It is tough. The most discouraging thing is that, I got scolded for don’t-know-how-many-times the whole week through. I know it’s my own fault. I know… I leave a trail of disaster everywhere I go. But, I am so used to people cleaning things up for me.

Damn! I feel so… dumb. Yup, that is the correct word.

I don’t even dare to ask anymore questions. Seems like questions I ask are stupid questions and repetitive.

I tried to be more careful. Even with the best intention and effort, things still go wrong. I zone out a lot too while working. Gahh, I am so lazy to use my brain.

So ok, I am the one to be blamed. But!!!

I already did my best!




So, this is what it feels like to be reminded and scolded time and time again. I did this many times to other. I think it’s karma.


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