14th March 2010

It was supposed to be a good day. Had a good start, where I was given the opportunity to again drive Dad’s second-wife where we went to Pavilion as usual. Tried The Loft again and was satisfied although the experience could’ve been improved by having more counters?? Me and Esther had a good time walking around and eating like little kids. Bought myself a new novel and magazine. Happy!

Could have ended the day perfectly if I hadn’t dropped my purse. Dammit!

Had to take a day off from work, minus RM 50 again for this month! Have to make the second police report in my life. Had to renew IC, where my picture is more horrible than the last one. Had to get a new driver’s license. Lost a lot of thing. More valueable than the money itself. Lost my beloved purse.

That’ll teach me for my carelessness. I know I am famous for being careless, and mou sau mei.

I’ve learnt my lesson!!


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