TGIF = bad food

Gave TGIF another chance and they blew it! Food was horrible, expensive and not worth it. Environment was bad. Service was worse. No more next time. Bye TGIF!

Meeting Jess again after her 3 years dissapearance was FUN! Too bad my camera was lousy or I’d take more pictures.

Fun time! Let’s get it rolling~



If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it. I defended you when people say or joke about you. I whole-heartedly believed in you and that you would never do anything stupid. But you were stupid. So damn stupid. Stupid enough to risk and gave everything precious away. I’ve told you. Right from the start, I’ve told you. I advised you and warned you. Somehow the thought of you going behind our back never went through my mind. That is how much I believe in you. I look up to you, you had principles that you stood by fiercely. I had high hopes in you, I put you on a pedestal. I really want to ask what you are thinking and who the hell he think he is, but I don’t want to listen to you lying to my face. I know you will do that. Because, all along, I’ve been cheated by you. You really deserve an award for your acting. I know you will make up stories or deny all my accusations. I’ve already lost hope in you, listening you lying to me would make me just… hate you. I don’t know what I’m going to do with you. I don’t know what’s the right thing to do. I know I have a responsibility but I feel sick looking at your face. The facts haunts me. I wish I never knew what I know now. In fact, I remember you convincingly said that you would never do anything stupid. You said you know what you are doing and you are matured enough. I trusted you.

No more.

Face the Music

I don’t know what mistake I make or when I made it.

After purifying customer’s sample, the DNA just magically dissapear.

I’m gonna get it tomorrow. Honestly, I feel like fainting at office just now. Not only was I tired and hungry at that time, I saw the anxiousness and dead-serious look of my superior and really felt dizzy. Weak knees and light head.

Let me live through tomorrow… Help me!

The Weirdest Thing

I miss the kitten I saw yesterday. This is very big news for me as I have always been afraid of cats. Maybe because it was a kitten, not a cat. It was orangy-peachy in colour with a bit white all over. And was very adorable and friendly. Likes to follow people around too.

I am rather dissapointed as I was looking forward to seeing it today but couldn’t. I feel like adopting it 🙂  Feel like kidnapping it and put it in the house.

But then I remember the smell of cat poop. That is enough encouragement.

Why oh why

If I could only ask for one thing right now, it would be for the ability to be creative.

Seriously, I have not creativity at all. AT ALL! Anything that involves me and soft skills will eventually lead to a bad ending.

I spend a lot of time online on deviantart and flickr. Looking at drawing and photography. The more I see, the frustrated I get. Because I know that no matter how I try, my attempts will be failure. I don’t know why I even bothered in the first place.

I just know I will never be satisfied knowing that I will never be a creative person.