Today, I discovered the wonders of foundation!


Went to pass up my third draft to my supervisor today. I was quite happy because I finished it on time. I was expecting a different greeting than what I got. The first thing she said after seeing me was, “Did I ask you to pass up?” I froze immediately. The last thing I want is to let her think I was acting clever. Do not know how to explain how I felt.

Watched Toy Story 3 today. And it didn’t let me down. The critics were right. It was awesome! I think the last movie that got me crying so much was Click. I finished a packet of tissue, had clogged nose that made breathing hard and puffy red eyes. Ah, it felt good…

Nearly got into an accident while driving back home. It rained before so the roads were slippery. Was taking a big corner and suddenly my car skidded, heading fast towards the concrete barrier. Felt like the types were on ice Nearly had an heart attack! Not a minute after that, nearly crash into a Kancil that I assume also skidded.

Don’t feel like driving now.

Kids Pt. 21

Situation: Role-playing with the kid, me being the princess while she’s the prince.

Prince: Aaah my princess…
Princess: *insert wtf look*
Prince: Take me to my room
Princess: *what game is this?* Why do you want to go to the
                   room, Prince?
Prince: I am hurt. I want to rest in my room.
—Reached room—
Princess: Prince, have a rest. I will see you tomorrow. Rest well
                  *woohoo end of game! Or so I thought*
Prince: Princess, I want to marry you.
Princess: *dumb-founded and surprised*

 Lols! Kids nowadays!

Kids Pt. 20

Day 1 at home with the kid.

Situation: Driving the kid home and playing one of her games…

Me: Namakan… *clap clap clap* 2 jenis… *clap clap clap* Iaitu…
        *clap clap clap*
        Nama sungai… *clap clap clap* Pertama… *clap clap clap*
Sungai Pahang.

The kid: Kedua… *clap clap clap* Sungai Wang.

Me: WAHAHAHAHA! That is not a sungai!

The kid: It is! There’s a ‘Sungai’ in the name, so it is!


Situation: At home, me doing my work.

The kid: Ka cheh… How can I become an artist?

Me: o.O


The kid drives me nuts sometimes. And sometimes, she surprises me with the thing she says.

Whitney Craze

I am really crazy over Whitney these past few weeks. Even went searching for her movie, Bodyguard. It is a movie I’ve long to see, and wasn’t too dissapointed. Been playing her songs over and over coz it gives me the motivation to do my thesis.

Particularly love the last chorus where she pauses and then BOOM! “And I will always love you…”. Goosebumps!

Kids Pt. 19

It’s been a while since my last update for this series. The kid is growing up so fast and caught up in her own world. I can’t trick her to do much stuff anymore without much complaints and persuasion.

Happened few hours ago in KFC.

I was sitting with mum while waiting for dad to buy KFC for dinner after a long day furniture shopping. Me and mum were chatting happily about some stuff and suddenly the kid came and asked excitedly,

“Ka cheh!! KFC got want to interview people. You want to work here? Neh, here is the borang interview”.

Hahah! Yeah, I know I am menganggur-ring right now… Wanna get rid of me so fast?

I had a meeting with my supervisor yesterday and there is this one thing she said that is super-glued to my brain.

Your flow of writing is all over the place! Confusion… Repetition…

She said it twice but I am now super conscious when writing and am constantly reminded of it. Each time after meeting her, my confidence level drops to ZERO. There is so much many corrections to do, so many much informations lacking and worst of all, I’m starting to doubt my experiment methods.


So I have finally finish my four-months internship! Truth be told, I wasn’t looking forward to it… I had great and crazy friends, all of whom I’m starting to get comfortable with.

Nevertheless, I learnt a lot of things, not only school stuff. I’m not so scared of strangers, which is a big step. I don’t feel so nervous and can let loose when talking to people I just met. Next on the list is to learn to make the first move!

Job hunting is next… I don’t know why dad can’t just let me enjoy for even a while. It’s always, “find job find job find job and here look at this, there’s an interview. Here search this site, there’s job openings. Come back home, help at shop or get a job as a bank teller”. I swear, if I heard this once more, I’m going to flip out!


I don’t understand why people thinks that I am arrogant.