I had a meeting with my supervisor yesterday and there is this one thing she said that is super-glued to my brain.

Your flow of writing is all over the place! Confusion… Repetition…

She said it twice but I am now super conscious when writing and am constantly reminded of it. Each time after meeting her, my confidence level drops to ZERO. There is so much many corrections to do, so many much informations lacking and worst of all, I’m starting to doubt my experiment methods.


So I have finally finish my four-months internship! Truth be told, I wasn’t looking forward to it… I had great and crazy friends, all of whom I’m starting to get comfortable with.

Nevertheless, I learnt a lot of things, not only school stuff. I’m not so scared of strangers, which is a big step. I don’t feel so nervous and can let loose when talking to people I just met. Next on the list is to learn to make the first move!

Job hunting is next… I don’t know why dad can’t just let me enjoy for even a while. It’s always, “find job find job find job and here look at this, there’s an interview. Here search this site, there’s job openings. Come back home, help at shop or get a job as a bank teller”. I swear, if I heard this once more, I’m going to flip out!


I don’t understand why people thinks that I am arrogant.


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  1. Not to be mean, but your sentence would read better if rephrased “so MANY corrections to do, so MUCH OF information lacking” 😛

    Haha, aside from that, I think you should take a gap year! Chill, go see the world! You should consider going for work & travel programmes in US or New Zealand. Even international internships if possible 🙂

    I am, however, in no better position than you are. Helping out in my dad’s office, which I regard as charity work. I can’t stand the whole 9-5 thing, office work is certainly not for me. Gets me depressed and suicidal, because it’s this or looking for a job. I’ll find a way out, however, no matter what.

  2. Kingsley, thanks for the correction. English going down the drain! Taking a gap year will be impossible for me. Dad is pressuring me each and every day to find a job.

    At least you are doing something useful and not wasting time at home like me. But hey! What are you doing stuck in the office? Go, get out and find a job that you like! Right now! Go!

    Working is enjoyable when you are doing what you like, trust me 🙂

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