Kids Pt. 20

Day 1 at home with the kid.

Situation: Driving the kid home and playing one of her games…

Me: Namakan… *clap clap clap* 2 jenis… *clap clap clap* Iaitu…
        *clap clap clap*
        Nama sungai… *clap clap clap* Pertama… *clap clap clap*
Sungai Pahang.

The kid: Kedua… *clap clap clap* Sungai Wang.

Me: WAHAHAHAHA! That is not a sungai!

The kid: It is! There’s a ‘Sungai’ in the name, so it is!


Situation: At home, me doing my work.

The kid: Ka cheh… How can I become an artist?

Me: o.O


The kid drives me nuts sometimes. And sometimes, she surprises me with the thing she says.


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