Went to pass up my third draft to my supervisor today. I was quite happy because I finished it on time. I was expecting a different greeting than what I got. The first thing she said after seeing me was, “Did I ask you to pass up?” I froze immediately. The last thing I want is to let her think I was acting clever. Do not know how to explain how I felt.

Watched Toy Story 3 today. And it didn’t let me down. The critics were right. It was awesome! I think the last movie that got me crying so much was Click. I finished a packet of tissue, had clogged nose that made breathing hard and puffy red eyes. Ah, it felt good…

Nearly got into an accident while driving back home. It rained before so the roads were slippery. Was taking a big corner and suddenly my car skidded, heading fast towards the concrete barrier. Felt like the types were on ice Nearly had an heart attack! Not a minute after that, nearly crash into a Kancil that I assume also skidded.

Don’t feel like driving now.


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