The Presentation

As expected, viva was horrible. I expected it to be bad, but not horrible. I went blank while presenting. Totally lost focused, and forgot what I was saying. The room felt hot, I was nervous and started playing with my fingernails. Sign of me very very nervous: playing with nails.

I only had one real question in the Q&A session. One question. And that one question killed me. Felt like dying on the spot for not knowing the answer for such a small question. It’ll probably haunt me!

What is PBS and why use it as diluent when NaCl is so much easier to be obtained?

Argh! The nightmare is not over yet.


When opportunity come knocking, I froze… And might as well shut the door close. Automatic reaction, one which I am regretting now.

The three of us was talking about careers. And I might have slipped out that I kindof regret taking this course. He said that it’s not too late and that I can start over again.

I was caught off guard. This is the thing I’m dying to hear but do not have the courage to voice out. And when finally I was asked, my mind went totally blank.

It’s not because it is the ‘I’m happy excited’ kind of surprise.

It’s because, at age of 21, I still don’t know what I want in life.

It’s pretty depressing.