First Paycheck


Working is fun. Don’t have to worry about exams or assignments. Hope I do better as time goes by. I’m killing a lot of tree nowadays due to carelessness.

And now… My priority is to control spending. I feel the stinginess oozing out.



My lazing days are over.

Ended my first week of my first real job. It’s fun and at the same time scary. I learnt a lot and I got the best sifu. Everything that seems confusing last time now starts to fall into place. My questions were answered even before they were asked. That’s how good my sifu is. Still, having a good sifu means high expectation.

Been holding onto my kitab and memorising everything before going to bed. I wonder how long this hardworking spirit will last. From my experience, not long. Haha!

They say you learn from mistakes. I am dead scared of making mistakes.