Knowing too much is not necessary a good thing. All my hopes and dreams. Crushed. Just like that.

I wished I didn’t ask. Though I suspected it, hearing it made it true.

What do I do now?


I’m still here

The last update on this blog was in October? Cannot believe that I survived so long without internet. At first it was nearly unbearable but somehow, once you get used to it, it doesn’t really matters what goes on in the virtual world. I get more time to do my stuff anyways. So, yeah.. Internet or no internet, I don’t mind it that much.

That aside, life has been pretty great so far. November was a hectic month. It was also the month I was confirmed for my job in my current company. Appraisal was nothing like I imagined. I like to assume the worst so that whatever happens won’t shock me much. Haha, I’d say that it’s a good tactic. Appraisal was okok la. The raise was higher than expectation, so I’m good.

December was a killer month. I’d say I spent the whole month worrying about work. I dream eat live and breathe of work. Kind of depressing that my life revolves around work so much. But all the hard work did pay off. The year-end bonus was … MUAHAHAHAHA SATISFYING! What suffered most was my face. December was also the month I finally moved into our new house in KL. I have a home in KL! Air-con and water heater are my favourite things around the house. The bed too. No more sleeping on the so-called bed which is as hard as the floor. Got a new car too 😉 Relishing that feeling of washing new car. There’s something about cleaning the car that makes me feel fulfilled. Weird.

Oh well… Life is pretty much the same. Work, eat and sleep. Then work again. I just wish there is a balance in time spent for work and time for myself.

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Time passes so fast. Around this time last year, I am still an intern. Now, I’m working full-time for the same company. Suddenly, I feel so old x(