The little orange kitten at the back lane of my house has been crying for hours. I had an uncomfortable dinner, eating and listening to it crying. Meowing non-stop. I check the kitten 4 hours later and it is still crying. The mother is nowhere to be seen. Must be calling for the mother. The kitten heard me talking and walked nearer to the house. And it didn’t take long for it to climb up the stairs, using my voice as guidance. Hats of to the kitten!

The kitten looks cute and I had a silly-split-second thought of adopting the kitten. But when the kitten was nearing the top of the stairs where I had a good look at it, I went running in the other direction, called for backup.

Good bye kitten. You’re cute from far but we’re not meant to be. I’m a scardy cat myself. I’ll check up on you again tomorrow.

On another note, I’m still deciding if I should reread all my previous post. I don’t have the habit of rereading because I tend to delete and rewrite it over again. In the end it’ll be a totally different post and negates the whole point of writing a blog.

Plans to Universal Studios are confirmed. Counting the days til June comes!