Disastrous week, sums up the week I had. Each time I see an e-mail, my heart drops. It can only mean one thing. Trouble. Work is demanding already, I can’t spend more time decoding e-mails. I find it hard interacting with people who are not upfront or straight forward with their words. Where you have to peel off each layer to really understand the context of it all. It makes things harder when it comes to me because I have the tendency to misinterpret  things. It takes time to get to the main point of a problem and it is down right annoying. “Not everything is as easy as it seems,” seems to be the highlight of the week for me. Note to self: decipher everything, leave nothing behind!

On another note, suspicion towards someone is another thing I cannot stand. I try to believe in the best of a person. It kinda drives me mad that when someone says something, there must be a hidden agenda to it. It is saddening to me that it has come to a point where we live in a world where we cannot believe a person is capable of doing good deeds. Call me naive, silly or stupid even but I prefer to believe that people are nice and kind, generous and forgiving, empathetic and trustworthy.