Blank. All my thoughts are gone and are replaced with nothingness. This always happens to me. Whenever I feel writing, everything just vanish. Puff into thin air. Driving me crazy.

In a nutshell, I’ve been feeling rather torn. Torn between the right thing to do or the easy way out. And knowing myself, I’ve always taken the easy choice rather than facing the truth. Truth and its consequences are just too messy. It involves a lot of work, energy and emotions. So right now, I’m stalling until I found the right time (or until I’ve got the guts).

On a lighter note, I am SO geared up for the vacation. Living by the beach, getting to watch whales, touch dolphins, scary plane rides, horrible plane food, watching guai lous with super hot bodies, experiencing my first winter and most probably freeze my ass off, be a total lunatic, become totally broke, learn a new accent hopefully, getting through immigration, tugging heavy luggage-coz-we never-know-how-to-pack-light, living in the future and then going back to the past, having steaks for all 3 meals in a day, experience my first jet lag, not having to wake up and dread going to work, wake up and dread going to work AFTERWARDS, roller coaster rides til I puke, screaming til I lose my voice, missing everyone back home, wishing I was not back at home AND THE LIST GOES ON AND ON AND ON AND ON AND ON AND ON AND ON AND ON.

Have a good June everyone, because I know I will! šŸ˜‰


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