I wish I wish I wish I wish I wish….. There were more than 24 hours in a day, just for me.

So many things to settle. Feeling discouraged by the amount of work. Becca’s words are haunting me.

There is no satisfaction when the amount if work doesn’t decrease

She likes to apply her subjects in class on me. And I hate it. Because it is true.

Back to work!


Hong Kong

I would’ve regret it if I stuck to my decision to not join the trip. I know because I had a lot of fun in HK.

It was ‘fun’ boarding a three hour flight, hoping and wishing I wouldn’t humiliate myself puking all over. I am still finding it hard to accept the fact that I have plane and sea sickness. On the bright side, I saw a lady vomitting. First time seeing the whole thing. And smelling it too. Aaww fond memories! X)

The food during company dinner was not up to par and disappointing. Partly because it’s the first meal upon arrival, had high expectation. It was fun because i experienced another first time being lucky. Got top three prize in a lucky draw. Never had any luck with those before (Optimistic way of looking at things).

Day two was spent in Ocean Park, a somewhat landmark. Fun on this day would be getting a sunburnt nose, screaming my lungs out playing the ship and 360degree ship thingy, seeing a panda and seal. Falling in love with panda.

Toured the city, by foot mind you, on the third day. Got lost from time to time. Learnt a crucial chinese word, for survival. How you write it is like this. Write two W’s, one on top of the other and make sure that the middle is connected. It looks like a spiky double spear but without the handle. And then, a square. That, is how you write exit in Chinese.

Had a lot of food. Curry fishball, chau taufu, mango desserts, yoghurt mochi, wanton noodles, lousy steamboat and this thing round pancake thingy which it’s name I’ve forgotten. Was mistaken as chicken while walking down chicken street, I should be flatterred I guess? Bargained at street market. And some more walking.

Walked in the rain, stood in the raining for the sake of taking pictures, sat in the raining watching people setting up for performance for the Hong Kong Jazz Festival. I would’ve lingered longer if it didn’t rain as heavy as it did. Took shelter in museum. Been a long long time since my last visit to a museum.

Spent the night in Lan Kwai Fong, also not as what I’ve expected. Ordered 48 shots for the night and managed to get my friend totally wasted. Haha!

My four days three nights in the land of TVB. All in all, it was a good trip.

A Humbling Experience

This experience today, has pulled me back to the ground.

Learning is a never ending process. Be it in work, life or of a person. You think you’d know a book back to back, word by word and line by line. Reread it again with different perspective and you’d caught by surprise how much you don’t know about it.

I thought I had you all figure out. I was wrong. You are no charlatan for the charlatan one is me.

I don’t understand why I like to write in riddles. Hahaha! Rereading my previous post I’d be like, “What the heck do I mean? And was I thinking?!”

Oh well.

To have or not to have

When I don’t have it I want it. When I get my hands on it, I decide that I don’t really need it. When I threw it away I miss it.

I’m afraid I only what it because I don’t have it.

If only there’s a way to know for sure whether it’s a yearning for the unattainable or if I do want it.