Changing Unconsciously

I know I know… Talking to me on the phone is a drag. I realize it a zillion years ago that I can’t have a proper conversation via telephone. The most comment reply would be a mmm or an ahh. Unless I am in a super good mood, thats when I am most chatty. Gosh, I’d even hate me if I talked to me. But it’s something I can’t help doing. So, stop complaining already. Accept me for who I am. Or just send me a SMS :p

On another note, this comment has been imprinted in me and I am disturbed by the seriousness of it.

“Sis, I realized that you have changed a lot. It is most obvious since you started this work. You weren’t like this before this job. You were much happier and less grumpy before. Please, quit your job. I want the old you back.”

Wow. Really? Unconsciously


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