Mum will be mum

When I was in high school, mum could not stress enough to me how important it is my studies to the future. Whenever people jokingly asked whether or not I am dating, she would be fast to say that I was too young to be dating, nervously chuckle and change topic, as if talking about dating in front of me is inculcating bad behavior.

Not long after entering college, she would sheepishly hint me to start looking for partner and that I have her approval if I wanted to date. I would laugh it off. From time to time, she’d facetiously ask if I am seeing someone and try to pry open my oyster-like mouth.

And now, a year after graduating from university, I am still happily single. For mum though she gets anxious as the entelechy that I might end up a spinster is truer each passing moment. Hahaha… She is sheepish no more.

She’d look at gowns and say,

“Oh this is what I’d wear to your wedding.”

and as quickly as she blurted that out, she’d go on and add,

“Oh well, I think I’d have to wait a loooooong tine before that will happen. ”

She is hilarious! X)

I would see friends, attached friends that is, stuck to facing the handphone or reporting to the couple or being unavailable for last minute plans, and I feel glad? Yeah I do feel glad. Glad that I’m not in their shoes.

I commented this to a friend and she told me, I am not ready to be committed and that the time has yet to come. She said that she was like me too before meeting The One.

She might and might not be right.

What I know for sure is hey! What’s wrong with being comfortable around yourself and not needing someone to reassure you that you are loved?

To love someone else first you need to accept and be at peace with yourself.

Now, if only mum understands me, she will stop nagging me.


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