I am nearing this fork in my life. This part that I have been dreading all along. I knew that I would have to make this decision when I entered, a year ago, I just didn’t imagined that making this decision would be so hard.

I entered solely because of the people. That is the only reason. I knew it will be hard and I knew the work sucks. I still enter. All because of the people.

Now the question is this. Which is more important. The people you surround yourself with or the work? The people that you absolutely adore and love or the work that you totally hate and feels is a burden?

I’ve heard stories from others who have more experience than me. And it seems that in the working life, what is more important is the colleagues.

I am still here because of those words. If only they know what a big impact their words had on me.

I wonder… Will I regret it if I leave? Or am I missing out on a better offer while clinging onto this?

What I know for certain is this.. I have met and became friends with so many people that I normally wouldn’t. I have grown as an individual and learnt a lot about interaction. Whether knowingly or unknowingly, they taught me how to be a better person. This experience has been eye opening.

An experience that I hope doesn’t stops… But all good things must come to an end.

Heavy heart.


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