My trip to US of A!

This happened recently.

The family and myself was loading the car with our luggages, getting ready to go to United States for a 6 day vacation. I remember, vaguely, thinking to myself that I will not survive the plane ride to America if I can barely stand 8 hours on a flight.

Arrived KLIA and was waiting for our time to board the plane. The excitement is too much, because I get to go to America, my lifelong dream. When it is finally our time to board, I heard this buzzing sound nearby. Sounds somewhat near muffled. Nobody seem to notice this but.

I tried to ignore it but I can’t. In hopes of trying to find out the source of this weird buzzing noise, I turned around and I woke up.

D. A. M. N. I. T. ! ! !

It was 5.40 am. The buzz came from my dumb phone.

And that ladies and gentlemen, is a fine example of so near yet so far.


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