Proud of my origins

It is frustrating me when I see people who are ashamed of their own country, who looks down of their own people and who praises other country to no ends. I don’t know why it surprises people when I say it out loud, with conviction that I am a proud Malaysian. They’d have this surprised look and will be guessing if I was being sarcastic. And then followed by the amazed look when it dawn on them that I am dead serious.

I mean, hey, what’s there to not to love? A multiracial country, culturally rich, friendly people, great variety of food, shopping heaven, affordable lifestyle and good climate. Most importantly, Malaysia is the only place I can truly call home. It pains me that they don’t love Malaysia in all it’s glory. Honestly speaking, I look down on anyone who is ashamed of their nationality.

This was where I was born and raised. This is the place where I was educated, to have tolerance towards other people, to accept individuality, to be sympathetic and to have empathy.

Malaysia. Although we are not the riches country, although we don’t have best athletes in the world, although we are not number one in technology, although we no longer have the highest building in the world we have twin towers although you have the highest building, although we have so many more althoughs, this is home. There is no other place that I rather be other than here. This is the place that holds all the memories of my childhood and the future.


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